Ways To Start A Gratitude Practice

Practice present-moment gratitude

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Most of us understand the importance of thanking those who assist us or simply acknowledging the things we are grateful for in life. Gratitude has been connected to a variety of benefits, including enhancing your immune system and sleep patterns, feeling more hopeful and experiencing more joy and pleasure, being more helpful and generous, and feeling less lonely and isolated.

Ways To Start A Gratitude Practice

Make gratitude a habit

ways to start a gratitude practice: Make gratitude a habit

It takes time and effort to create new habits. It’s no different when it comes to developing a thankfulness practice. To begin, set aside a month to work on your appreciation practice for a few minutes each day.

You must retrain your behavior and mental patterns away from negativity and toward positivity and thankfulness in order to shift your mindset to gratitude.

The more you practice looking for things to be grateful for, the more you’ll find. The more you make a conscious effort to identify positive things and things to be grateful for, the more you will discover.

Make a conscious effort to move from negativity and complaining to appreciation whenever you see yourself doing so.

Keep a gratitude journal

One of the ways to start a gratitude practice is to keep a gratitude journal. Make it a regular habit to remind yourself of the blessings, grace, benefits, and positive things you have. You can weave a sustained theme of gratitude into your life by recalling moments of gratitude related to commonplace happenings, your own traits, or important persons in your life.

Practice present-moment gratitude

ways to start a gratitude practice: Practice present-moment gratitude

As you go about your day, try to pause every now and then and reflect on yourself, “I am grateful.”
Before you take your first sip, gently touch your tea or coffee cup with love and admiration. When you walk through your day with mindfulness and grace, those things will come to mind when you sit down to make your appreciation list.

Share your gratitude

Sharing and spreading your thankfulness is a terrific approach to bring additional feelings of gratitude into your life. A happy, thankful attitude is contagious, just like a smile. Sharing your thankfulness practice by simply modeling a grateful mindset is a fantastic method to do so.

Sharing your gratitude can also be as simple as sincerely thanking someone who has helped you. Giving someone praise is another option.

Use gratitude reminders

Gratitude reminders can be used in a variety of ways. It might be as simple as sticking a sticky note that says “I am grateful” or a quotation that inspires gratitude for you on your bathroom mirror. Alternatively, consider framing a thankfulness statement or affirmation to hang on your wall. Even a mug with a nice message on it, or one that you just designate as your gratitude mug, can serve as a terrific reminder to be grateful.

You can use your phone to set reminders to remind you to be grateful throughout the day. Alternatively, use a statement or affirmation as your phone backdrop to remind you to be grateful.

Another fantastic visual reminder is to wear a piece of jewelry that reminds you to be grateful.

Remember the hard times

Practice present-moment gratitude

It’s helpful to recall the difficult moments you’ve gone through in order to be grateful in your current situation. You create an obvious contrast in your mind when you remember how difficult life used to be and how far you’ve gone, and this difference is fertile ground for gratitude.

Give yourself some grace

Do not be frustrated or dissatisfied with yourself if you forget to write in your thankfulness journal one day. Simply take up where you left off today and start writing in your thankfulness journal. While consistency is essential for establishing a new habit of thankfulness, so is self-kindness.

Don’t be irritated with yourself if you find yourself in a bad, complaining mood. Instead, use it as a reminder to find something to be thankful for.

When gratitude isn’t coming naturally and you’re trapped in a negative mood, reminding yourself of all the things you’ve been grateful for is a terrific approach to get out of it.

The days when it’s the most difficult to be appreciative are usually the days when you need it the most. Be gentle with yourself, begin where you are, and focus on appreciation.



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